Think with Google Data Gallery

Data Gallery is an interactive tool that helps marketers find and share insights from Think with Google.

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Flow and Page Structure

Before getting into the details, we wanted to see the best way we can inject this new feature to various parts of the current site. We also looked at various ways to structure the content making it easy for a user to be introduced to this new feature.

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Data Gallery Cards System

We created a set of cards that would work across a sample set of data. We wanted them to be quickly scannable with big typography and visuals showing an increase, decrease, and topic illustrations.

I worked with the content strategists to stress test these cards. We agreed upon a max character limit that wouldn't break the shape of the cards.

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Data Gallery Landing page

We reserved the hero space to help the active user quickly get to the data they need from different industries and topics. We also want to surface the most recent data and feature curated content.

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The Design System

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Data detail page

The main goal of the data detail page is to allow the user to download the data to support their ideas and presentations and share data with their team members. We also link the data back to its relevant article for more context.

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Searching for data

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A look into my design process

I make sure to have my design files organized and detailed for team members to view. This means including comping variations in modules, different breakpoints, and showing complete interaction flows.

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Featured on Product Hunt

Before Data Gallery went fully public, it became featured on Product Hunt as #3 Product of the Week.