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The latest marketing research and digital trends with data reports, guides, infographics, and articles from Google.

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What do we want to achieve?

Revisit Think with Google’s user experience, visual design, and brand language to better showcase Google’s expertise and insights to marketers. We want to make Think with Google the go-to resource for consumer data and insights.

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What do our users need?

Our target users are agencies, marketers, and research teams. Throughout their day, they are constantly in search of data and insights.


To be briefed and kept up to date.

They are checking their inboxes for newsletter subscriptions and browsing the news and social feeds to see the latest news about their industry. They are looking for inspiration.


Find research for a presentation or project.

They want to be able to search specifically about a given topic, industry, demographic, etc. This will help to create and support their ideas and perspective.


Self educate.

Along with keeping up with industry news, they are eager to learn and stay on top of the latest industry best practices (i.e. designing for mobile).

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How can we drive users to our homepage?

Currently, most of our visits start from article pages. We want to increase visits to our homepage by tackling several challenges: limited publishing cadence, excessive stock photography, unclear brand statement.


Passive users via email, social, referral, paid media


Active users via organic search, homepage (direct), paid search

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Creating homepage concepts

We sketched out and ideated on several concepts for the homepage and landed on three strong distinct options.

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Final homepage design

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The Design System

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Creating a Content Type System

We took a look at the various types of content on the website. We wanted a clear way for users to know exactly what type of content they would be viewing. We want to place emphasis on the type of content visually in order to decrease the amount of stock photography.

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Article Template

Most of our users access our site through the articles, so we put a great deal of focus on improving their readability and user experience. This includes improvement on the design, structure, as well as content strategy.

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A look into my design process

I make sure to have my design files organized and detailed for team members to view. This means including comping variations in modules, different breakpoints, and showing complete interaction flows.

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Collaborating with developers

Zeplin makes it very easy to collaborate with the team. We used it as the place to find the latest latest designs with no confusion. It also allows developers to easily export icons and identify spacing and sizing.

I am also able to leave notes for specific elements or designs as well as link to videos of prototypes and sketch files. Team members are also able to leave me messages asking any questions or providing feedback.