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Exxon Mobil’s career site for prospective employees to learn about Exxon Mobil’s culture, job opportunities, and application process.

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What is our goal?

Define a digital strategy aimed at improving potential candidate engagement and perception of ExxonMobil recruitment.

After dissecting the live site, we had a better understanding on the major areas of improvement the site needed.

Areas of Improvement



Content/Tone of voice


Mobile friendly

Visually welcoming


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Who are our users?

After conducting three focus groups for experienced, wage, and student candidates, we found that most candidates are T-shaped where ExxonMobil is not high in their consideration.

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Site Map

We created a site map to understand the site structure as a whole, and also to understand how many templates we needed and what templates we can use across different content types.

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Concepting and Templating

Below is just a peak at the various concepts and ideas we came up with before getting into the details. We defined how many templates we would need: article, category, job listing, etc. And explored ideas such as exposing what a day in the life would be like at ExxonMobil.

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The content

We created a card and list system that would work responsively and best for different types of content.

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Final Designs


Job Listing

Job Description

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Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Many of the users visit the site from their mobile device. We want to create a responsive site that could be used of all screen sizes, so that we can deliver the best experience regardless of the device.